Spring Update... What I've been up to...

It's been quite busy lately, with a lot of big repair/restoration projects going on and finding time to work on the new bass.  Currently I am working on my 16th cello/bass neck reset for 2015!  A neck reset involves "re-setting" the neck to the body of an instrument to ensure a lasting fit and the correct angle and alignment to the body.  It is a thoughtful and time consuming job but at this rate by the end of the year I should be able to do it in my sleep!  Other big repair projects have included a new neck block on a bass, several new bass bars, numerous crack repairs, and repairing a warped flat back and making new braces.  

With my own new bass right now I am detailing the scroll as I await shipment of the new ebony fingerboard, fitting the braces to the back, and continuing the arching work on the top plate.  Soon I will be inlaying the purfling and getting ready to graduate the top!  I've been experimenting with color matching and finishing in the mean time and the results are looking promising.  My original goal was to have this bass finished in time for the June International Society of Bassists convention, but it is looking like it will not be done in time, due to additional time I've needed for other repairs.  Nonetheless it should turn out to be a beautiful and (hopefully) great sounding bass!  I'm excited for the coming months.    

Andrew Hassel

Chicago Bass Works, LLC, 4600 West 115th Place, Alsip, IL, 60803