We are always happy when Andrew is available to work in our shop. He helps us in our bass department when we have scheduling conflicts or an overabundance of repair work. Clients and colleagues alike enjoy dealing with Andrew. He completes repairs quickly, accurately, and thoughtfully. Andrew is an all-around good guy, and we wish him great success at Chicago Bass Works.
— Michael Spadaro, A440 Violin Shop
I’ve known Andrew Hassel for about 10 years now, and have had the pleasure of working with him in many different settings throughout that time period. Andrew is absolutely one of the most reliable, hard working, and kind-hearted people I have ever worked with. Whether it involves instrument repair, teaching, or performance, he goes above and beyond, giving 100% in terms of preparation and effort. He is approachable, considerate, and just one of those rare people who truly listens and always cares about what you are saying in any given situation. This is what makes him so wonderful to work with in general, and I feel fortunate whenever I have the opportunity to do so!
— Katherine Andrick, Professional Violinist and Educator