Elmhurst College Jazz Festival

I was excited at the chance to sponsor the Elmhurst College Jazz Fest this year for their 50th anniversary, including donating my first bass as the "house" bass for any bassist to play on.  It was very cool to see all the players who got to play on it and hear their feedback.  From the student performances to the professional ones, it was a great weekend for art in America!  Big thanks to my friend and mentor Doug Beach for his lifelong commitment to this program and jazz education in general. 

Cello Neck Replacement

If I had time to learn how to play another instrument, it would undoubtedly be the cello. Luckily playing bass has many of the same movements and concepts as cello playing; so I can get around well enough to repair and adjust cellos.  I recently had the opportunity to replace the neck of a cello with a "precarved" neck. These are sold with the scroll and pegbox mostly carved and the neck is left oversized to fit most cellos.  I love doing these big kind of projects because its very technical and challenges me to do the best work I can. Below are some pictures from start to finish. Enjoy! 

Oberlin Bass Workshop

Every two years the Violin Society of America hosts a Bass Maker/Restoration/repair workshop in Oberlin, Ohio. I was fortunate enough to attend again this year. It is a very unique and exciting opportunity to learn from and work along side with some of the best bass luthiers in the world! Needless to say I was tickled pink to spend that week working, learning, and socializing with folks I greatly admire. Please take a look at some of the pictures from the week. Can't wait until next time!


Flatback Repair

Chicago winters can be brutal, especially on our wooden brethren. Make sure to use a humidifier, lest you end up with a giant crack and warped back, like this poor fellow. Had to take out the braces, press the wood back to shape, glue the cracks and fit new braces.  All in all it took about 40 hours of work and a month to complete.