For Bass Players, By Bass Players

Founded in 2015 by Andrew Hassel, Chicago Bass Works specializes in the Repair, Setup, and Construction of the Double Bass. With the knowledge and capacity to perform specialized setups, comprehensive repairs and restorations, as well as making new basses in-house, no job is too big or to small. We particularly enjoy working with bassists to make sure their instrument sounds and plays the best it can. 



One of the most important things that can make a bass sound and play better is having a proper setup. From strings that are too high, or a bridge that has moved, there are many factors that make up a good setup and can make any bass sound better. If your bass is not sounding as good as it used to, or if you are a new player and your bass seems difficult to play, its worth it to see if your setup can be adjusted. 



From accidents to seasonal changes there are many reasons your bass may need repair. We have the expertise and faculties to handle any kind of bass repair be it open seams, crack repairs, fingerboard or neck issues, we can help to get your bass repaired and back playing in no time!


New Instruments

We are excited to be making basses in-house right here in Chicago!  Made from seasoned local hardwoods like maple and walnut as well as premium European and Canadian spruce, each shop made instrument is designed with the modern bassist's needs and budget in mind.