During the lifetime of a bass it will go through many seasonal and environmental changes.  These can cause cracks, open seams, rib problems and playability issues. Also because of the size of the bass it is at risk for more incidental damage than it's smaller counterparts. Bassists on average spend more on repairs and general maintenance than violinists, violists, and cellists; and that is why I am excited to offer personalized repairs that are effective, reliable, and budget conscious. Each repair is a chance to improve the structural integrity of the bass, the sound, and the player's happiness with their instrument.  I have been fortunate to have extensive training and education in the field of bass repair, and I find great joy in helping other bassists realize their instruments             full potential.  

Repairs include

  • Open Seams
  • Cracks
  • Punctures/holes
  • Fingerboard issues
  • Cosmetic work
  • Structural work
  • Neck grafts/replacements
  • Wood replacement
  • Neck issues
  • Endpin issues

Additionally, setup work is of crucial importance to get the most out of your instrument.  I am happy to work with each bassist to find their ideal setup.  

Setup and adjustments include

  • Bridge height/placement/shape
  • Fingerboard shaping
  • Nut/Saddle corrections
  • String selection
  • Soundpost adjustment



Please email me at Chicagobassworks@gmail.com for more information or to setup an appointment to have your bass evaluated.